speaker testimonials

"We’ve witnessed 100s of terrific presentations over the years, but very few that blew our socks off the way Re Perez did. In addition, Re went above and beyond to speak with attendees on a more personal level. His brain, energy, and delivery are 10 out of 10!"

Hollis Carter & Michael Lovitch

The Baby Bathwater Institute

"Re Perez immediately turned the experience into a safe space for learning. Re has a gift for storytelling and providing a fundamental understanding of concepts that can be daunting for others. He truly made our event special."



"Re Perez brings authenticity and laser-focused conversations around the power of branding, as a strategic foundation to any company looking to differentiate in a meaningful way. His keynote was personal and polished."


Account Manager, Shaw Contract

"Re Perez can do what I thought was impossible from the stage: make branding accessible for the average person. He brings a fundamental understanding behind the science of creating brands and presents it in an engaging, entertaining, and inspiring way."

Suzanne Evans


Founder, Driven Inc.

"Using real-life stories and examples, Re Perez’s keynote on Personal Branding was a masterful display of presenting his expertise and a highlight of our conference."


"It was a pleasure having Re Perez as a speak at our event. He is knowledgeable, personable, and commands authority when talking to business owners about creating their brand. I highly recommend him as a speaker and thought leader on business branding.”


President, Ontraport

“the best brands are builT from the inside out.”

Sample Talks

Sizzle Reel


Amazing Summit

Infusionsoft ICON

Thrive: Make Money Matter

Traffic & Conversion 2018

Social Media Week

CADRECon 2019

Sizzle Reel

Social Media Week

CADRECon 2019

Book Testimonials


“When it comes to branding and authenticity, there’s no one I know who exudes more brilliance in both than Re Perez. He has a unique ability to blend his strategic and creative thinking with his heart and soul.”

Ryan Deiss

Ryan Deiss

“From my experience working with eight-figure companies—the ones that grow every year—it has everything to do with their brand. Re Perez has helped many of my friends build powerhouse brands. I strongly recommend you figuratively, ‘come out of the closet’ and devour this book right away.”

Michael Lovitch

Michael Lovitch

The Baby Bathwater Institute

“The new rules for branding in the 21st century come down to one word: authenticity. Re Perez’s book provides a beautiful blend of the art and science of branding, whether you’re a global enterprise or an emerging entrepreneur who’s disrupting the status quo.”

Yanik Silver

“This book, like its author, is unique and full of amazing insights. Re Perez provides small business owners and marketing teams with actionable branding insights and a proven methodology to transform your brand and dominate the market.”

Daniel Marcos

“There is the mind of your business and then there’s the heart and soul. Re Perez is one of the smartest minds in branding, helping entrepreneurs get connected to the heart and soul. This book is his gift to all of us!”


Nicholas Kusmich


client testimonials

"This has been such an (ahem) *magical* and (cough cough) *liberating* journey. You and your team are incredible stewards of vision and have allowed our true essence to shine through. We are so proud of this work, and I personally finally feel fully in my true skin. Forever grateful!"


CEO of BoldHaus

"Before rebranding, I had brand shame. After the rebrand, everything changed. Our revenues tripled. Our web traffic increased by 4,000%. We made the Inc. 500/5000 list three years in a row.”

Suzanne Evans


Founder, Driven Inc.

Working with Re Perez on my branding was arguably one of the most important things I did for my business. He set us on a path forward, clarified things for my team, and unified our message at every point—from who we talk to, how we talk to them, and what we stand for.


CEO and founder of Javapresse and Stay Grounded

He had a better process and worked with the entire team to come up with a brand that got everyone excited. He will satisfy you and your team completely.


CEO of ListenTrust and best-selling author of Hired to Quit

"We landed a $1mil contract since branding with Re Perez and his agency. But the biggest takeaway is the foundation to grow to the next level."


COO of Thorben

“In just a month after we launched our new brand, we achieved 399% growth. Each month thereafter continues to top our previous month!”


CEO of Odyssey Test Prep

"We went from 100 to 2,000 customers — a whopping 1900% increase after rebranding with Re Perez and his agency."


CEO of PurpleCare

“Re Perez's attention to detail, research, and understanding of our industry and business was incredible. Thank you so much! Since rebranding, we’ve nearly tripled in size.”

Adam Hailstone


CMO of Williamsburg Learning

"Re Perez is the real deal when it comes to authentic branding. After branding our company with Re Perez, we were able to grow our events by 300%, charge four times more for our programs, and make it easier to scale our business.”

Brent Weaver


CEO and founder of UGURUS