Some Of My Private Clients

Life-Force Academy

Making ancient yoga teachings more accessible

The Life-Force Academy is the world’s premier home Kundalini yoga experience that offers a mix of guided training, live events, music, and more. Led by founder Jai Dev Singh, they have created an online destination where the Wisdom of Ancient Yoga Science can meet the demands of everyday life. With a successful track record of online launches and high name recognition in the Kundalini Yoga community, Life-Force Academy tasked Re Perez and his team with streamlining and bringing cohesion to all of their various brands to help inform future marketing decisions.

Mastering Mindfulness Institute

Teaching the power of mindfulness

Gina Worful came to Re Perez for a rebrand. The author of the book Mastering Mindfulness and a classically trained dietician, she has worked at a world renowned destination spa working with celebrities, professional athletes, and well-known politicians and leaders. Gina wanted to take a step back and create a strategic approach to cohesively integrate her brand, message, and unique offerings. Following an in-depth branding process with Re Perez, she changed her ‘go-to-market’ approach from a Personal Brand to a Business Brand which led to a new sophisticated Brand Identity.


Empowering people to set their soul ablaze.

Melanie Merkling is a visionary entrepreneur and single parent who came to Re Perez to build a new brand from the ground up. Her vision was sparked from a personal quest to create a life that sets her Soul on Fire. With unwavering determination, she has crafted version 4.0 of her existence, shedding anything that doesn’t align with her purpose, and embracing mindfulness as a daily practice to fuel her soul. Through her own journey of self-discovery, Melanie has uncovered her purpose in helping others define the things that ignite their inner fire and clear away anything that stands in the way of them living a SoulFire life.


Precision Emotional Healing

Raj Jana wanted to change the mind and body wellness narrative — from survival, fear, and brokenness to thriving, love, and wholeness. He believes that people aren’t broken, the system is, and that every person has the innate ability to heal. He came to Re Perez to bring his vision to life with a brand and message that would appeal to purpose-driven entrepreneurs, transformation space, and even cancer patients. We helped Raj develop his Brand Platform and Visual Identity and guided him in naming the company. Meet Liber8, a Human Transformation Company that uses a data-driven and heart-centered approach to accelerate breakthroughs in human health.


Razing the rules of landing corporate clients.

Formerly known as 'The Corporate Agent,' BoldHaus has utilized their experience, strategies, and insight to help service professionals get the inside track into engaging and landing highly lucrative corporate opportunities. Their mission is to enable clients to do more of the work they love while earning the profit they deserve. Despite the ongoing success of her company, CEO Angelique Rewers knew it was time to take her brand to the next level. So she challenged Re Perez and his team to create a brand that was brazen, disruptive, and different from anyone else in their industry.

Odyssey Test Prep

Creating the ultimate LSAT prep advantage.

Odyssey Test Prep is an LSAT tutoring and prep company that helps law students raise their LSAT scores on the path to getting into the law school of their dreams. Their unique programs and private tutoring help students get the most out of their LSAT preparation, with astonishing results. CEO Jonathan McCarty was looking to take his company to the next level. Working with an original brand and website that he had created himself, he was struggling to attract and enroll the high-caliber clients who would best benefit from the company’s high level of service. He engaged Re Perez and his team to he's since achieve nearly a 10x in growth since rebranding.

Dr. Eric J. Roman

Transforming the personal and professional lives of growing dental companies.

Dr. Eric J. Roman is an accomplished entrepreneur having built two dental groups and coached leaders who generate hundreds of millions in care. With a strong reputation as a leader in the dental/DSO space, Eric was ready to build his online Personal Brand so that he can amplify his message, allowing more people to discover the depth of his wisdom and experience. He came to Re Perez to get clear on his message and positioning and build his Personal Brand. Within a month since launching his new Personal Brand, he achieved 4x return on his investment in branding and now has the foundation to yield even greater returns in the years to come.


Mastering Innovation Together

Thorben is a 100% woman-owned small business that delivers Cloud services, ERP services, and Technical Consulting services for growing businesses and organizations. Their mission is to transform IT headaches into profit growth systems with service implemented responsibly. Despite a strong pedigree of working with major clients such as the U.S. Department of Interior, The Treasury Department, and Department of Homeland Security, their branding gave the appearance of a scrappy upstart rather than an established company at the top of their game. We turned the brand into one that would accurately exude who the company was.

Flow Odyssey

Creating healthier businesses, happier outcomes, and better lives.

Drew Cameron, Founder of HVAC Sellutions came to us with a vision to evolve its business from a time- and labor-intensive business to one that offers remote consulting, support and training. In addition, Drew wanted a new brand that would represent all that his company does in home services, while also being known for coaching, sales training, and consulting. Through an in-depth Brand Strategy process and naming exploration, we helped Drew transition HVAC Sellutions to a new name — Flow Odyssey, a company committed to finding a better way for its clients to run their HVAC and other home services contracting businesses.

Extraordinary Life

Helping leaders harness their hidden potential.

Extraordinary Life is a boutique executive coaching company that serves as a trusted advisor for visionary leaders running companies focused on life, leadership, and legacy. Founder Dr. Al Spicer engaged Re Perez because the branding he had been using for years had become stale and no longer reflected the depth and quality of his groundbreaking company. Noticing the disconnect between the work his company offered and the way potential clients perceived it, he knew it was time to make a change. We executed a complete rebrand that included a new name, Brand Identity, website, and direction for his business.


Unlocking Human Potential At Scale

Jon Berghoff, founder of xchange, the leading approach for change agents who are answering the call to unlock human potential in gathering, came to Re Perez to evolve their brand. Through a series of in-depth strategy sessions and creative work sessions, we partnered with xchange to evolve their current logo, expand the brand’s color palette, fine-tuned their messaging, and refresh their website.

Beyond Burials

Making the dream of space a reality.

Beyond Burials offers affordable space memorial experiences that help family members celebrate their loved ones in a unique, meaningful, and inspiring way; by taking the remains of someone who has passed and then rocketing them into outer space. As a new venture fueled by his love for outer space, founder Dan Peabody approached Re Perez to help him bring his passion project to life. As a new form of memorializing a loved one after they passed, we were tasked with building this new brand from the ground up.

Sol & Serenity

Helping patients experience the magic of health.

Husband and wife duo Drs. Ren and Christy Bedasbad have run the Lumos Medical Center in Oregan for five years, where they focused on giving residents access to quality patient-centered healthcare by blending Eastern and Western medicine. At the end of 2020, Ren and Christy moved to San Antonio to be closer to family and decided to start a second company, Sol & Serenity Integrated Medicine, that would allow them to offer telemedicine and other services. We were engaged in helping bring life to this new brand from its earliest stages — with a focus on ensuring that the couple’s unique personality, enthusiasm, humanity, and ethos were embedded into every aspect of the Brand Experience. As a result, we successfully executed their Brand Strategy, Visual and Verbal Identity, and more, culminating in developing a brand new website.


Launching courses that change lives.

Mirasee is a successful business education company that helps experts achieve leverage, freedom, and Impact by creating online course businesses. With their ongoing growth and acquisition of multiple companies, the brand found itself on a considerable scale trajectory and the unique challenge of properly treating their various new sub-brands, products, and programs. Mirasee partnered with Re Perez to help position them for the future, engaging us to create a powerful strategy that organized their Brand Architecture while distinguishing them within the marketplace. As a result, we executed a complete Brand evolution, complete with a new Visual Identity and Brand Guidelines.


Creating transformation through culture.

Triumpha are the Culture Experts that Chief Executives call when organizational change can’t happen fast enough. This highly successful British company works with companies at the individual, team, and organization-wide levels. They empower them to turn the corner on mission-critical initiatives by breaking through internal gridlock. Despite their success, Triumpha felt that their branding was “confused” and didn’t do a good enough job to articulate what makes their firm unique and differentiate it from their competitor. She hired Re Perez for a complete rebrand that helped define the brand both visually and verbally, including a new Brand Identity, Logo refresh, and website.

Quantum Orange

Helping people live a life packed with passion, power and purpose.

Quantum Orange (formerly known as Global Success Academy) is an online personal development training organization for growth-oriented individuals. With a belief that our minds were not meant to be “set,” rather they were mean to grow, learn, and expand (at quantum levels), the Australian-based brand came to Re Perez to reignite its brand to take them to the next level. We partnered with Quantum Orange to develop their Brand Strategy, re-imagine a new Visual Identity, and strategize to design a fresh, new branded website.

MSI Consulting

Providing innovative thinking, technology, and deep knowledge of management sciences.

MSI Consulting, an expert solutions provider located in the Washington DC Metro Region with two decades of experience serving Industry, Federal, State and Local Government Clients, Non-Profit, and Higher-Ed, came to Re Perez to clarify their brand to match the level of consulting services they provide. In addition, MSI Consulting wanted a fresh, new look and feel that represents the future direction of their business.

Hinkle Outdoor Living

Transforming Backyards Into Personal Paradises

From its inception in 2007, Hinkle Outdoor Living has been known for designing and executing premium outdoor spaces. However, the company’s original name, Hinkle Hardscapes, did not effectively communicate the quality and sophistication of their work, nor did it align with the high-end clientele they sought to attract. Recognizing this, owner Zach Hinkle approached Re Perez to realign his company’s Brand Identity with its ambition and target market. Our partnership led to an all-encompassing transformation, culminating in a name change to Hinkle Outdoor Living. Now, the new brand now mirrors their unique offering – crafting outdoor spaces that are engineered to entertain. This rebrand has not only enhanced their market positioning but also significantly improved their appeal to the upscale clientele. With their brand now in perfect alignment with their ambitions, Hinkle Outdoor Living stands ready to accelerate its growth while continuing to craft memorable experiences in their meticulously designed outdoor spaces.

Jennifer Trinkner

Amplifying your health and wealth.

The former professional model and top Isagenix producer, Jennifer Trinkner, reached out to Re Perez to get clear on her brand and to leverage her personal brand to “be #1 at Isagenix.” (currently she’s within the top 10). If you’re not too familiar with Isagenix, Jennifer will tell you that it’s “the best way she has found to better health, nutrition, and fitness, as well as an opportunity to bless thousands of people.”

Bex Irvine

Unlocking the full potential of beauty entrepreneurs.

Bex Irvine, a highly successful entrepreneur and owner of bex+Co salons, understands the power of branding firsthand. Seeking to expand her influence and help others in the beauty industry, she turned to Re Perez to develop her Personal Brand. With a proven track record of building successful salon brands, Bex is now leveraging her expertise to coach and mentor fellow beauty professionals and salon owners. Her unique approach, characterized by a disruptive business model, strong focus on relationships, abundance mindset, and vibrant personality, has made her the go-to coach for entrepreneurs in the beauty industry. Bex is committed to sharing her knowledge and helping others achieve the same level of success she has experienced.

The Dr. Z

Making Functional Medicine accessible and actionable for more people.

Dr. Brandy is a well-established Functional Medicine doctor, who was looking to streamline and create more synergies between three of her different businesses (and potentially sell one of them). She pioneered an online platform dedicated to helping functional medicine practitioners and people manage their health and well-being via the wisdom of functional medicine. Re Perez partnered with Dr. Brandy to rebrand her business under one umbrella brand. We renamed her business to just ‘The Dr. Z’. In early stages of launching her new brand, she has sold one of her businesses and is now well poised with a solid brand foundation to drive faster business growth.

Human At Scale

Scaling businesses through human-centered leadership.

Chase Damiano, the founder of Human At Scale came to Re Perez to take his brand to the next level. Chase previously co-built a national coffee brand from the ground up as COO, and consulted for the Fortune 50 and late-stage start-ups in Accenture’s Emerging Technology and Innovation practice. But after struggling with many of the same challenges of the leaders he now helps, Chase left the company behind for a new direction and passion—helping others become inspiring and successful leaders. Our team collaborated with Chase to clarify his brand’s vision, purpose, and platform. In addition, we refreshed his existing logo, enhanced the visual language of his brand, and upgraded and integrated his digital presence and website.

Hawkins Laakso

Simplifying the road to financial freedom.

Hawkins Laakso came to Re Perez because their brand no longer reflected who they are and where they were going. While their wealth management team is on the cutting edge of handling some of the most complex financial situations, their branding felt outdated, dry and boring. In the strategic and creative process, the partners expressed their desire to have their new brand feel more like a “Park Avenue” experience (versus a “Wall Street” experience). They wanted their new brand to be known for creating a Family Office Experience that helps their clients achieve their financial dreams by managing, growing, and securing their wealth.

The Fresh King Benjamin

Transforming events with the power of laughter

Ben Brown has a fascinating story, having grown up on a Mormon Polygamist compound and started operating his family’s business, a bakery, at age 14. When he left polygamy and joined the wicked world, he spent a decade building a highly successful, multi 7-figure online education company with a team of close friends. In 2021, he left his position to pursue his dream to be a stand-up comic. He came to Re Perez to build his Personal Brand, as a comedian. Introducing The Fresh King Benjamin.

Changing Habits

Helping the world eat better through real foods without the marketing hype.

Changing Habits is an Australian-based company that is literally changing people’s eating habits through their whole food products, coaching programs, and online nutrition academy. When it was time to give their business a complete rebrand, they conducted a worldwide search to find the right partner, ultimately choosing to hire Re Perez.

Our mission was to unify Changing Habit’s various product lines and programs under a singular Brand Platform. We were also tasked with creating a new Visual Identity and Brand Messaging that would leverage the company’s expertise while speaking truth to the shady “diet of misinformation” that is all too prevalent in their industry.

Bloom Executive Coaching

Cultivating leaders who are leaving a legacy.

Michelle Krebs, a former Fortune 50 executive turned executive coach for Fortune 50 executives, is a true business systems-thinker, performance-driven leader, and someone who genuinely cares about fostering meaningful and powerful relationships. As the CEO of Bloom Executive Coaching, she has the professionalism, experience, and expertise to attract and retain high level clients, but her brand was holding her back. Like many entrepreneurs who reach a level of success, she outgrew her brand. As one of our private clients, we partnered with Michelle to transform her brand so that she can fulfill on her legacy through her brand and business. Today, Bloom Executive Coaching, is well positioned for healthy growth and optimal impact.


Learning to live without food shame.

Mindvalley, one of the world’s leaders in online human transformation and entrepreneurial programs, contacted Re Perez to help them with their Wildfit Brand. This revolutionary health education and coaching company aims to free people from the collective clutches of the diet, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

While Wildfit had launched to rave reviews and attention, Mindvalley recognized the need for branding that would allow it to reach a bigger audience and grow at scale. We were tasked with helping them become the most relevant nutrition company on the planet and develop messaging that positioned them as the “anti-diet” company.

Cheeky Scientist

The world’s largest job-search training platform for PhDs.

Cheeky Scientist is a company of Industry PhDs dedicated to helping more PhDs get hired into high-paying and meaningful careers in industry. Their mission is simple: to help place 1,000,000 PHDs into industry positions and improve their members’ quality of life.

Cheeky Scientist engaged us to address an inconsistent, confusing, and cluttered brand. We partnered with them to create a clear Brand Strategy and Brand Identity, all housed within a new website tailored to providing career and technical training for their clientele.


Revolutionizing the gaming industry with software designed by operators for operators.

OPTX is an enterprise software solution aimed at enhancing businesses in the gaming and hospitality industry. With a focus on creating user-friendly software for gaming operators (created by operators for operators), they custom-tailor their solutions to match their clientele’ particular needs.

Backed by extensive years of operator experience, startup OPTX knew that branding would be their competitive advantage (even before actual software development) amongst the dated, confusing, non-user-friendly competitive counterparts. Starting with just a name and an idea, they engaged us to help develop their entire brand from the ground up, from the initial Brand Strategy to the development of a new website and awareness campaign.

Dr. Talks

Bringing together the most sought-after leaders in health, wellness, and medicine.

The team at Dr. Talks already had an established Brand and Visual Identity; however, they approached Re Perez because they wanted to expand their Brand Guidelines and refresh their website. Starting with a UI/UX Strategy session, we streamlined the website Information Architecture for both the marketing site and the membership site. Then, based on our strategy, we restructured and redesigned the key website pages.


Transforming the landscaping industry one lawn at a time.

Jordan Roper of Roper Lawn and Landscape came to Re Perez because he wanted to double his business, re-position his company as the go-to lawn company in his region, and cultivate a stronger sense of pride in his brand. Unlike many lawn care or landscaping companies, branding is never top of mind. Rather, by and large, the industry is highly commoditized (and there’s always another company who can do it cheaper, i.e. “the kid down the street who can do it for $20.”). Jordan knew that building a strong brand is the key to breaking through such a commoditized industry. By taking on a consultative approach and being a reliable resource, he’s able to foster and maintain long-term customer relationships. And long term customer relationships are the cornerstone of any strong business and brand.

Family C

Empowering families to consciously co-create the lives they desire.

After working with Re Perez on the successful launch of their transformational company Williamsburg Learning, CMO Adam Hailstone was interested in creating a brand that brought the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) into the family structure. The goal was straightforward: Offer a holistic and forward-thinking approach that empowers families to consciously co-create the lives they desire, using best practices used by highly successful organizations.

After a successful pilot test with families, they engaged us to develop the brand from the ground up. We helped them create every aspect of their new brand, including the Family C name, visual identity, website design, and more.

Bendt Distilling Co.

With liberty and whiskey for all.

Bendt Distilling Company is a Texas-based company that believes whiskey should be delicious, not pretentious. They craft hand-batched blends using only quality ingredients with no shortcuts and no substitutes. But where other company’s craft their spirits for a select group, Bendt believes whiskey should be enjoyed by all.

Bendt hired Re Perez because they wanted to change the name, the face, and the overall feel of the company. They were looking to create something more modern that would appeal to a younger audience. Being new to the spirits industry, we brought fresh eyes that helped create a vibrant brand that made them entirely unique in their category.