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Hollis Carter & Michael Lovitch

"We’ve witnessed 100s of terrific presentations over the years, but very few that blew our socks off the way Re Perez did. In addition, Re went above and beyond to speak with attendees on a more personal level. His brain, energy, and delivery are 10 out of 10!"

Suzanne Evans

"Re Perez can do what I thought was impossible from the stage: make branding accessible for the average person. He brings a fundamental understanding behind the science of creating brands and presents it in an engaging, entertaining, and inspiring way."

Lena Requist

"It was a pleasure having Re Perez as a speak at our event. He is knowledgeable, personable, and commands authority when talking to business owners about creating their brand. I highly recommend him as a speaker and thought leader on business branding.”

Hitachi Energy

"Using real-life stories and examples, Re Perez’s keynote on Personal Branding was a masterful display of presenting his expertise and a highlight of our conference."

Kat Stidham

"Re Perez immediately turned the experience into a safe space for learning. Re has a gift for storytelling and providing a fundamental understanding of concepts that can be daunting for others. He truly made our event special."

Dana Castillo

"Re Perez brings authenticity and laser-focused conversations around the power of branding, as a strategic foundation to any company looking to differentiate in a meaningful way. His keynote was personal and polished."

Sample Talk Titles

How To Build An Authentic Brand

In an era where consumer trust has taken a nosedive across all industries, integrity and authenticity have emerged as what matters most. More than ever before, people are holding brands to a higher standard. The landscape is changing for brands. This talk explores the power of authenticity in driving business growth.

The Future Of Personal Branding

In today’s hyper-connected, socially-informed, and A.I.-crazed world, the interest of Personal Branding continues to rise among entrepreneurs, CEOs, corporate executives, and work professionals. Gone are the days when a polished image was everything. Now “polished” is suspect, stories are scripted, and messaging is spun. This talk explores how authenticity, vulnerability, and inclusivity can have a profound impact on a person's influence and impact.

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